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    Infrastructure Advisors
  • Climate Tech Companies
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Capturing the latest developments in Energy Storage

Humans solved power generation decades ago. It's now time to accelerate innovation in storing clean energy.

Green Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Follow latest developments, new projects, government interventions, technology updates in Green Hydrogen.

Electric Vehicle Batteries

Track innovation across the EV battery value chain, from raw materials and chemicals to battery packs and recycling.

Energy Storage Policy

Existing and upcoming policies, regulations, and incentives for energy storage across the globe.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us at

    • What does 'Public Beta' mean?

      We're launching new features every week. You can try all paid features for 3 days without paying, and then upgrade to pro or use the free version.

    • Why should I upgrade?

      You need to pro plan to use the AI writer and new features that come out. The pro plan uses GPT-4-Turbo for chat, the best language model from OpenAI. This means more meaningful, and structured responses for your queries. All users on the Pro plan also get WhatsApp support within 24 hours.

    • Can I use this with my team?

      We do not have a team plan yet. Please reach out if you have a specific need.

    • Why not use ChatGPT instead?

      ChatGPT uses a general dataset from the internet and can give you inaccurate answers with much confidence. Telborg carefully selects the data used to generate responses to your queries.

    • Why is this better than a search engine?

      We place high importance on data quality and relevance. In a typical Google search, you'll look through several results before finding relevant results, with the power of GPT + our custom dataset, we give you the most relevant results much faster.

    • Does this include sources of data you use?

      Yes, we include hyperlinks to all data sources in the responses.

    • I cannot find the data I need, can I request for a custom dataset?

      We're adding more data every day. We're focused on Carbon Markets, Critical Minerals and Biodiversity for now. Please reach out if you have a specific research interest, we love helping users find solutions. You can use the Google form link at the bottom of the website to make a request.

    • Where can I give feedback?

      Use the feedback form at the bottom of the website.

    • I have an issue using the website.

      Write to or use the feedback form at the bottom of the website. We respond within 24 hours.